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Oce/Siemens 2140

2140 Electronic Printing System

The Siemens Nixdorf 2140 Electronic Printing System uses electrophotography and an LED PLUS imaging system to produce unsurpassed print quality. Advances controller electronics offer a host of features designed to deliver enhanced functionality without incurring the overhead and expense of AFP.
This continues our commitment to Enhanced Mode Printing as offered on our existing printers. Advantages over competing systems include AFP-like
features such as the ability to print with variable character densities from
6 to 20 characters per inch, extended memory to hold up to 46 character sets printable on a single page, and extended line spacing of 6, 8, 10 and 12 lines
per inch. Also included are two ways to print Electronic Forms: a fast-loading Forms Overlay Buffer, and the new Electronic Forms Overlay feature. Using
either or both of these two features, variable data can be merged with forms designs and printed simultaneously.

Speed: up to 210 simplex pages per minute (12 inch)
Resolution: 240 dpi
Fusing Technique: Heat pressure technique
Paper Width: continuous form up to 18 inch wide
Interface: channel interface
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