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Oce PS 440

Pagestream 440 Electronic Printing System

Keeping up appearances—with first class digital output.

Getting and keeping customers isn't easy. But there are a few ground rules.
Like always making a good impression, for instance. And when it comes to
the impression you can make with printed documents, a first class printing
system can make all the difference. Above all, it's the regular items—your
invoices, lists, forms, circulars and above all mailshots—that serve as your company's "calling cards". The Océ Pagestream 440 from Océ outputs
sharply etched text, images and graphics at 600 dpi in a quality that rivals conventional offset. And in terms of cost savings, it easily outclasses
conventional methods.

Speed: up to 440 simplex pages per minute (12 inch)
Resolution: 240 dpi
Fusing Technique: Heat pressure technique
Paper Width: continuous form up to 18 inch wide
Interface: channel interface
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