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Oce PS 88

Pagestream 88 Electronic Printing System

Continuous form printing system for unusual material.

Anybody with a printer can print on paper. Well, maybe not with quite the same excellent print quality as the small-footprint Pagestream 88 from Océ, but still. Aside from that, what makes the Océ Pagestream 88 unique is its ability to produce this razor-sharp imaging on a wide variety of media, from special
papers and synthetic foils to plastic service cards, labels, holograms and even metal carrier materials. The Océ Pagestream 88 easily processes grammes
from 70 to 150 g/m˛. Without paper jams, without the effects of heat, and
without impairing the integrity of the print media.

• Extended media capability keeps unusual print jobs in-house
• Unique no-contact flash fusing process cuts total printing time
• Compact size leaves more room for finishing operations
• Océ SRA controller guarantees compatibility with all standard data streams.

Speed: up to 90 simplex pages per minute (12 inch)
Resolution: 240 dpi
Fusing Technique: Cold Fusion (for printing labels/stickers)
Paper Width: continuous form up to 18 inch wide
Interface: SCSI interface
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